For the Claim-Life-Claimants of the Knowledge ARE with the Claim of the Moving-out with the Life-Style of the Birth-Certificate-System with the Docking as a Fact with the Positions of the Corporate-Contract-World. For the Claim-Life-Claimants of the Knowledge ARE with the Claim of the choice with the Moving-out of the Birth-Certificate-System with your Heart

: Why-Get Claim of the Life.

: NOTE FROM THE CHIEF,: Quantum-Patriots, For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEMIS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY? In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, Which, You-will-learn-on in the FILM: LAST-FLAG-STANDING.COM. For the consequences of that

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

: Russell-Jay: Gould.[HERO OF THIS PLANET, WITH THE KEY TO RESTORE, TRUTH, HONOR & DIGNITY.] [In his latest documentary film, Last Flag Standing, Russell-Jay: Gould, brings closure to the 2000 Florida Chads which marked the end of the United States of America Corporation, as a result of the 3rd &

: Taking-Control of Your World.

: NOTE FROM THE CHIEF,: Hello-Quantum-Patriots,For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM IS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY? In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, Which, You-will-learn-on in the FILM: LAST-FLAG-STANDING.COM. For the consequences of that third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY-ENDING, Creates-scenarios, that, Every-Citizen, WASN’T-READY-FOR &: NEVER-KNEW! For these scenarios of the ENDING-AUTHORIZATIONS ARE with the corporate-structures of the FORMER: UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF

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