: Fiction-Websites &: Fiction-Teachers.

: Caution: Purple-Thumb-Community-Leaders, Are, Fraud &: Wrong-Leading: Good-People, Don’t-be-fool[ed] by their Wrong-Leading, They’ve-Got: Void-Joinder with the Quantum-Grammar, Flag &: Correct-Quantum-Corporate-Structure, This: IS-NOT: OPEN-SORCE-MATERIAL, IT’S: COPYRIGHT/PATENT-MATERIAL. : CLAIMANT’S WITH THE CLAIM-LIFE-CONTRACT OF THIS POSTMASTER-GENERAL: Russell-Jay: Gould, Who, Try &: take-Claim-life &: Join-False-Leading-Quantum-Grammar-Theaters, Violate: Copyright on the Footer with the Claim-Life-Contracts of this POSTMASTER-GENERAL: Russell-Jay: Gould, Which, Null &: VOIDS-CLAIM-LIFE-CONTRACTS.

Caution using and usery with Fiction websites, Facebook group, websites and Quantum teachers, wrong-leading people, being mean-spirited towards Chief’s performances, void of the Grammar Authorizations, selling judgeships and/or void-Flag/Joinder with the Chief such as:

: Mark-Christopher: Kishon. (Mark Christopher Kishon)
: Jason-Matthew: Glass. (Jason Matthew Glass)
: Lady:Crown
(Department of Defense Australia) Kia Ora
Lady-Crown: Turikatuku III Crown of the Mauri Nation
Jay Jace
Purple Thumb Community
Facebook Group: Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar: Mari Tobler & Brian Sutton.

Purple Thumb Community: [Notice how they use their signatures on home page- Nom de-Guerre, the DEAD MAN’S NAME. Notice how they use Chief’s videos and Title 4 flag on their website videos which is a Copyright infringement].

1. Using made-up un-[re]gister[ed[ flags:
2. Lady Crown made-up name on “proclamation”, not her legal name.
3. Using quantum grammar void-authorization.
4. Nom de-Guerre Signatures (Dead man old fiction signatures) using cursive witchcraft.

Chief’s past-logo (discontinued).
: void-continuance.

Purple Thumb coincidentally created a similar logo.

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